Missional Communities

The Mission

Our missional communities exist to create meaningful relationships and send us on mission together within our neighborhoods and circles of influence. As we embody kingdom principles in our relationships and service, we both model and invite others to join us as we participate in God’s work of redemption and restoration.

Each group has a unique identity that is expressed through a collaborative group dynamic. While every group has designated leaders/facilitators, missional communities function best when each member takes ownership of the group and contributes on their own initiative. The personality and feel varies from group to group, but all missional communities seek to embody 5 values in ways that work best for their needs, gifting, and skill set. Those values are as follows:

1. Food – a shared meal at each gathering
2. Family – a mix of generations and incorporation of children into group life
3. Word – time spent around Scripture together
4. Prayer – time spent communing with God together
5. Mission/service – an inclusive stance and openness to new people and eyes to see how we can serve together.

We have groups meeting on different nights of the week throughout the valley.

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